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access to finance

Access to Finance

In a vast and ever-changing world of EU and national grants, loans and other sources of finance, we are here to find the right source for You and Your project. However, we do not stop there, oh no. We continuously strive not only to make You and Your projects sound great on paper but also to make every project and every client just as great in real life. Confirmation that our approach is spot on is over 20 million Euros that we have secured for our clients in the last two years through various sources.

financial and project management

Financial and Project Management

Great financial and project management is the backbone of every project that is being or wants to be financed. And this is where Epilog really shines. We make sure that every project has a happy ending, that every cent of finance is properly invested, that all cash flows are positive, that every line of the contract is fulfilled and much, much more. While doing so, we never forget that time is the most valuable resource to our clients and that our job is to minimize the usage of their resources while still achieving the best results in all areas.

innovation and start-up advisory

Innovation and Start-Up Advisory

We live for crazy, sometimes out of this world ideas and potential innovations that our clients have every day. And when we say live - we mean it. Through our innovation and start-up advisory, we make sure that every good idea has a chance to see the light of day, that every new service, product or company has a standing chance of becoming alive in both domestic and global markets. For us, there are no impossible ideas – only new challenges that we take on hand in hand with our clients.



More than


Euros secured in two years



Partners & Clients

All of our clients, no matter what their size and scope are, mean the world to us and are handled with utmost care and devotion. Some of the companies that have recognized our approach and allowed us to take crucial parts of their business in our hands are:

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